Acetylcholine Receptor Antibody....

AChR antibodies are  autoantibodies produced by our immune system, that mistakenly targets proteins called Acetylcholine receptors, these are located on the skeletal muscle fibres. Acetylcholine is a chemical substance that transmit messages between our nerve cells, muscle movement starts when a impulse is sent down to our nerve endings, when it stimulates the release of acetylcholine. AChR antibodies obstructs communication between nerves and skeletal muscles, obstructs muscle contraction and causes rapid muscle fatigue, by preventing activation of the acetylcholine receptors. This then causes development of  Myasthenia Gravis - Chronic Autoimmune Disease, this is also associated with

Autoimmune Disorders?

Antibodies usually protect our bodies against infecting organisms, such as bacteria and viruses. however, antibodies which are produced against part of our bodies, rather than outside organisms are known as autoantibodies, this then can cause diseases rather than protect against it! Smooth Muscle Antibody - are autoantibodies produced by our bodies immune system, that are directed against proteins of Smooth Muscle. Smooth Muscle differs from skeletal muscle that we use everyday, from:- Walking  Lifting  Uses of our Biceps, Triceps. It's also present in the walls of our Blood vessels:- Our Bowel & Bladder and other locations. SMA's presence is strongly associated with autoimmune Hepatitis

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