“MEN – You check your Cars, Bikes or Computers are working all OK – Right”

“So what about checking your own Health is working properly” Lots of Men, including my Hubby and my Male friends, really do invest lots of time, money and effort in looking after their, Cars, Bikes and Computers. It might be the cleaning of their cars, the new stuff they can put on their cars, or Upgrading their Bikes, again cleaning it, all weekend, and then there’s the computers, maybe a Mac or Xbox 1 or PS4, the list can go on and on. Most Men will, maybe admit to the above information, it can rings true to them, or even better relate to it! So where does looking after your own Men’s Health fit into this? I am glad to say, that more men are now looking after their own health needs, as a N

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So we kicked off January's Blog with New Year, New You, which kick started the New Year, with New and Existing clients, checking their own Healthcare needs which was Fab! January, we provided more people, with checking for there Lipids and having mini Health checks, after having, and consuming all the fabulous treats Christmas brings! It's always good to check your own personal Healthcare needs! We are also very excited to announce Bloods4you will be providing our fabulous Blood & Urine Test Services to Marianne Killick Acupuncture - Ancient Healing For Contemporary Living. To find out more about Marianne please visit www.mariannekillick.co.uk. February this year our Blog Topic is called Th

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