"Why Wait"........

It is sad times for our Fantastic NHS Service at present, as budget cuts in all departments seems to be happening more and more :( Bloods4you started to provide our Private & Confidential Blood & Urine Test Services back in 2015 & we are still today, continuing to provide our clients in and around Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire areas in the privacy of their own Homes or Workplace. We believe it's very important to provide the highest standards of Care when having either a Private Blood or Urine Test. We, not only provide our Fantastic Blood or Urine Test Services directly to you, we Listen, Care & completely understand every client is an individual, with different needs, which is why w

"You asked - We Listened" :)

Bloods4you can now accept all major credit cards, debit cards, contactless & Apppe Pay payments at (no extra charge) when paying for your Private & Confidential Blood or Urine Tests. Many of our clients, have asked "do you take card payments" and at the time we didn't, but as this question was becoming more and more frequent, we have listened to our Fabulous Clients and now We Can! Not only do we provide our Exceptional & Unique Private Blood & Urine Test Services, directly to you! We also know it's super important to listen to our clients, and where change for the better is needed, we will and continue to Listen & provide our Services to you all! - Your Blood In Safe Hands" #Bloods4you Don'

Infection Control......

Bloods4you provides our Private & Confidential Blood & Urine Test Services directly to YOU, in your own Home or Workplace. We completely and fully understand Infection Control is Imperative to the Services we provide. We only use the most up to date Equipment on the market Today. All of the Equipment we use for every single client we offer our services to, be it a Blood Test or Urine Sample we Always use:- Sterile Single Use Needles - all our Sterile Needles are sealed & dated - Single use Needles means - only used ONCE then disposed in the correct Sharpe's bin. BD Vacutainer Tubes, All tubes are packaged in there own holders. Tourniquet - Latex Free. Gloves - Latex Free. New Sealed unopened

What is a DVT?

Deep Vein Thrombosis, this is a Blood clot that forms in a vein, inside your muscle, more commonly a DVT will be in your leg, however you can also get this in your arms, chest and other parts of your body. Having a DVT is very serious! Whist it might be located in your leg, where your leg could become very painful, swell and become very warm, a DVT can MOVE, to your lungs, Heart or Brain, which can cause organ damage, or even death! A DVT is formed from poor blood flow; large blood clots forming inside your body’s veins can also break off and get stuck in the oxygen – carrying arteries. If a blood clot blocks the flow of blood to a vital organ, such as the heart or brain, it may cause irreve

"Couldn't be more easier"......

Bloods4you provide our Fantastic & Unique Blood & Urine Test Service, all in the Privacy & comfort of you own Home!! You can call, chat online or email us from your own living room, then we pop round when it's convenient to take your Private & Confidential Blood or Urine Tests - It's as easy as that! No more going out in the cold or rain No need to use the car or look for change for parking No more rushing to the Doctor's or Hospital. All Blood & Urine Tests & Results are Strictly Private & Confidential. To find out more or to Book your Next Private Blood Test please get in touch. www.bloods4you.co.uk or Telephone ☎️ 07813 091464.

Does your Health feel a bit Tangled?

When you are feeling a bit "out of sorts" you know in yourself something is wrong? It could be that feeling of ummm?? Or the tiredness feeling, your always busy, busy, but somehow you still feel tired? Or you've had a cough & a cold for a few days, weeks maybe, and it's just not getting any better? "So what do you do" Most people, just get on with it! Some visit there local GP, some go to the local pharmacy, some even do nothing! Because it's mostly down to TIME! Well, Bloods4you can help you! If your a busy Mum, Dad, Family Member Friend, or Professional Person, Bloods4you you can offer you ANY Private Blood Test. This then can give you the most up to accurate cause of what's going on with

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We cover all of Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire areas. 
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Bloods4you does not share/give or sell any personal/sensitive details to any other organisations and strictly safeguards your right to privacy.

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