"The BMI Battle!"......

For many of us ladies, we Love to eat! Especially when we get our monthly cycles... out comes the chocolate, biscuits, ice cream, salty products, well anything we can get our hands on 🙈 Fluctuations in our hormones, right before we get our period, our hormones, Oestrogen, Serotonin, and Cortisol in our body will shift! So how we tackle not overindulging before our monthly cycle, on our monthly cycle and after?? Yes, we can all go and join a gym, go once then let the membership card collect dust in our wallets, or you can grab a gym buddy/friend to get you both motivated & loose some weight, or buy some pills off the internet, and spend your days on the loo, or why not try Acupuncture?

New Private Closed Group.

We have now created a Fabulous Private Closed Group Called Private Fertility/Infertility Blood Tests Uk! This group is created for all you lovely Men & Women, Same Sex Couples to discuss your Special Journeys in becoming parents! You can share your own experiences or maybe help each on your own special journeys all in private! Pop on over today. Please share with all your family & friends who are on their on special journeys ☺️ Click on the link below https://www.facebook.com/groups/160001327909823/

Checking your Immune after having your vaccine or booster!

Once you have completed your specific course of vaccine for your immunity status, you Will Need to obtain another Blood Tests to check you are, in fact Immune, or of what levels you are. The only way to really know if you are immune & protected, is to have a Blood Test completely after your last dose of your chosen vaccine, this is called:- Titre (post Immune). Let's say, you have just finished your last shot of Hepatitis B (3 injections completed) you will need to wait at least 8 weeks after your last injection, before you can request your Hepatitis B ab titre (post Immune) Blood Test. Bloods4you provides all Medical Professionals, or Professionals whom are working within a sector, that

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