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We provide You directly Any Private & Confidential Blood or Urine Tests you need! You choose the Date You choose the Time You receive your Results! All Tests are Strictly Private & Confidential. Test Results are given directly back to you, very often within 24hrs! Check out our fabulous website, which has an Excellent Blog, on all Blood or Urine related topics - all in Laymen words! Our Testimonials - what people have said, Services & Prices & loads more! Talk to us by Telephone, Email or Chat online! “Your Blood In Safe Hands”

Adrenocorticotropic Hormone?...

ACTH is a hormone that stimulates the production of Cortisol, Cortisol is a steroid hormone made by the adrenal glands, this is super important for the regulating, protein, glucose and our lipids, suppressing our immune system response & helps our Blood pressure. ACTH is produced by our Pituitary gland. Requesting a Private ACTH Blood Test is to help detect, diagnose, and monitor conditions associated with excessive or deficient cortisol in our body, this includes:- Cushing disease Addison disease Hypopituitarism Having both a ACTH & Cortisol can help to differentiate among some of these conditions because the level of ACTH normally changes in the opposite direction to the level of corti


Testosterone is the main Sex Hormone for all you Men! However even though it the main characteristics for men, it is also present in the blood of both men and women! Testosterone is mainly produced by a special tissue in men’s testicles, but it’s also produced by our Adrenal Glands in both men & women, and us ladies produced small amounts by our ovaries. Testing is used to diagnose several conditions in men & women, it may be used to help evaluate conditions such as: Decreased sex drive in men and women Infertility in men & women Hirsutism & development of masculine physical characteristics in a woman. For men, having a Private Testosterone Blood Tests is requested when infertility is su

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