Have your Blood Tests expired?

If you are currently still under the NHS funding for your IVF journey or you are having to now choose the Private route, (because of NHS budgets cuts, especially Peterborough & Cambridgeshire, going from 1-0 because of budget cuts & financial stains) your previous Blood Tests, may now be over 6months - 1 year old, which means the NHS & Private Clinics will probably ask for a fresh up to date new set of Blood Tests? This can then lead to longer waiting times for you both! Bloods4you already provide all your Fertility Blood & Urine Tests, what’s more, you both will receive your Test Results directly back to you, within 24 hours! Speeding up the long awaited treatments you both need! These

"Fertility - Its all about you".....

For February and March, we will be covering a very special, (and close to my own heart), Blood and Urine related topics on Infertility/Fertility Blood and Urine Testings. We have been incredibly prevailed, to be a part of over 300 plus Ladies and Gents, and Same Sex couples, with their own special journey in becoming parents. We will continue to provide all the important Private and Confidential Blood or Urine Tests to all our patients, from the start of your special journey, and through till the end. We also provide, the very important hCG Beta Blood testing (Pregnancy Tests) with positive results, sometimes this including TWINS) and also the devastating news of a negative Blood Tests :( Th

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We cover all of Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire areas. 
Other locations on request.

Bloods4you does not share/give or sell any personal/sensitive details to any other organisations and strictly safeguards your right to privacy.

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