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As from Friday 27th July 2018 after 6:30pm we shall be going on our hols 🎉🎉🎉 We will be retuning back to the U.K. on Wednesday 8th August 2018 (we will still be seeing patients on the evening of Wednesday, as arrange) See you when we get back! Alison @Bloods4you :)

Thyroid Antibodies?.......

Your Thyroid is a small butterfly shaped gland that lies flat against your windpipe in your throat. The main hormones that it produces T4 & T3 are extremely important in helping to regulate the rate of energy we use. Our bodies have a feedback mechanism that uses TSH to help turn thyroid hormones production On & Off, and this also helps maintain a stable amount of the thyroid hormones in our blood stream. When Thyroid Antibodies block with this process, it could lead to long term conditions and disorders, with having an under active Thyroid (not enough thyroid hormones) or overactive Thyroid (too much thyroid hormones) Having a Thyroid Antibodies Blood Test is to help diagnose an autoimmune

It’s all about our Hormones!......

Believe it or not Ladies, Men also have their own Hormone cycles! Ok they don’t have to endure what us ladies have every month with our Aunt Flow’s, but they actually go through an entire hormone cycle every 24 hours!! So for the Month of July and August our Blood related Topic will be on the many, many Private Hormone Blood Tests, Bloods4you can provide you directly! We will be covering lots of different hormones that you can request, plus we will be featuring other ways on how to help our hormones....... keep a your eyes on our website and social media pages for more info!! “Your Blood In Safe Hands” Tel: 07813 091464 E-mail: Bloods4you@outlook.com Web: www.bloods4you.co.uk F

Hormones? ..........

Hormones are Chemical substances that produce in our bodies, (Men and Women) that controls and regulates the activity of certain cells or organs, Many Hormones are secreted by special Glands, such as Thyroid Hormone produced by the Thyroid Gland. Hormones are Essential for everyday activity of our life; this includes the processes of the Digestion, Metabolism, Growth, Reproduction and our Mood. Bloods4you can provide you both - Men & Women a variety of Private & Confidential Hormone Blood Tests, all in the comfort of your own home, or at your Workplace. Some Blood Tests are "Timed Sensitive" of which we would completely work around your busy schedules, as you choose the best Date and Time th

"Is your Thyroid playing up?"

Thyroid Profile, or Thyroid Function tests, are a group of tests that are requested together, this is to help evaluate your thyroid gland function, and to help diagnose thyroid gland disorder, or to monitor your response to treatment you are having that's related to your disorders. The thyroid function/profile blood test measures the amount of thyroid hormones we have, such as:- TSH FT3 FT4 These hormones are chemical substances, that travel through our bloodstream, and then controls or regulates our bodies metabolism system (uses of energy) Thyroid hormones are present in our blood, either protein bound form, which is the majority, or the Free and active form of our hormone. TSH - Thyroid s

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