• Alison Howlett

Could you have a STD?  Sexual Transmitted Disease or STI's ? Would you even know if you did!!...

Bloods4you fertility and sexual health

A Blood test or Urine test will be carried out to determine if you have the following:-




Herpes & HIV

All Blood & Urine tests are Private and Confidential, All test Results are given back to you, and you only!

Chlamydia, up to 80% women may not experience any symptoms, if there is any symptoms they might include:-

Pain when urinating - going for a wee

Unusual Vaginal Discharge

Pain or Bleeding during or after Sex

Women who leave this untreated can increase the risk of Infertility, Miscarriage and Ectopic Pregnancy.

For Men, again Chlamydia causes no symptoms, when Men experience symptoms they might include:-

Pain where Urinating - going for a wee

Testicle pain

Early Testing for Chlamydia is very important to help avoid complications.

Gonorrhoea- also known and called The Clap - This Sexually Transmitted Infection

is easily passed between people through:-

Unprotected Sex

This infection can also be passed from pregnant women to her baby.

Both symptoms for Men and Women may include:-