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Different Blood Tests for Cancer Markers.

Private Blood Tests for Cancer markers - bloods4you

Cancer - This word makes me shudder, and like most people today in the UK and across the world, we will know of someone who has Cancer, Survived through it or even died from it.

Cancer Statics for the UK

336,860 New cases of Cancer 2014

163,444 Deaths from Cancer 2014

50% Survive Cancer for 10 Years or More 2010-11

42% Preventable cases of Cancer

Smoking is the most important preventable cause of Cancer in the world, obesity and weight is the seconded, studies have also shown that drinking less alcohol lowers the risk of cancer, plus helps your Liver. Eating a healthy balanced diet can play an important role in reducing our risk of cancer, More commonly know Overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun or sunbeds is the main cause of Skin Cancer. 

We can't catch Cancer, but some infection, such as HPV, HIV & Hepatitis can increase your Risk.

Our Hormones Levels can also be a Cancer risk, as us ladies hormone levels change across our lifetime, from puberty to pregnancy and then menopause, HRT can increase the risk of some Cancers, the Contraceptive Pill could also be a risk of different Cancers in different ways, overall it prevents more cases than it cases.

In some families, they have a higher risk of developing cancer, this is due to inheriting the faulty gene.

There are a huge variety of different Cancers, from the most common cases, we hear about in our day-day life, to rare forms and cases.

Having a Private & Confidential Blood Test can HELP Diagnose Cancer and other Conditions, plus it can help to find out if Cancer has come back.

Bloods4you can provide you directly, with different Blood Tests relating to Cancer and Tumour Markers, 

Our Blood Testing Services are Private and Strictly Confidential, only you will receive your Test Results back, Very often within 24 HRS.

For more information, please telephone or email us today. #bloods4you

*All statics and content has been used from Cancer Research UK as the primary source.

Please share with your family & friends - World Cancer Day 4th Feb 2017.

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