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IVF Private Patient – “The two week wait”

Having and choosing to start trying for a baby, is a wonderful and special journey, many people are very lucky, to conceive their precious bundle or bundles of joy the “natural way” others may find this process a little difficult for many different medical reasons.

More people, including same sex partnerships are considering (or have no choice) to fund their own treatment, which can be at an expensive cost.

Bloods4you, more recently have been providing our unique Blood services to all our private patients, especially after their embryos have been transferred into the womb, you will be advised or should be advised by your chosen clinic, to wait at least 2 weeks before taking a pregnancy test, to see if the treatment has worked.

BLOOD TEST (beta hCG):- A beta hCG blood test measures the actual amount of hCG present in your blood. During early pregnancy, the amounts of hCG in the blood will double 48-78 hours.

At least two beta hCG blood tests are done, 2-4 days apart.

Bloods4you, will become, your very own (blood taker) on this special and private journey.

We visit your home or workplace at a time and date convenient to you!

Our hCG blood test only cost £58.00 for each testing, this service also includes:-

*Coming to you, so you don’t have to travel to a Private Clinic

*Obtaining your Blood Tests

*Sending your Blood samples, to our Private UKAS Accredited Pathology Laboratory

*Emailing your test results back to you or your chosen Medical Professional or Clinic within 24hrs or same day.

To book your beta hCG blood tests, please telephone bloods4you today, or email your requirements to

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