• Alison Howlett

Many People ask?..............

The question many people ask me:-

What I do?

How I do it?

How long will it take?

How much will it cost?

OK, so I thought the best way to answer the above questions is to show you!

This Is my Work Bag!

This is all the Equipment I use!

Let’s take a closer look.....

In this Disposable Kidney Tray, this is all the equipment I need to take your Blood or your Urine samples. You will see the 2 green packets sealed, are 1- Use Sterile throw away needles. I use 2 different types of needles, both do the same job!

Urine sample bottle (for your wee)

Stripy Tourniquet Latex Free – I use this on your arm to locate your veins

Purple Tube, yellow Tube, Grey Tube – These tubes collect your blood samples

Sterile Wipe – Clean the area before we take your blood