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Many People ask?..............

The question many people ask me:-

What I do?

How I do it?

How long will it take?

How much will it cost?

OK, so I thought the best way to answer the above questions is to show you!

This Is my Work Bag!

This is all the Equipment I use!

Let’s take a closer look.....

In this Disposable Kidney Tray, this is all the equipment I need to take your Blood or your Urine samples. You will see the 2 green packets sealed, are 1- Use Sterile throw away needles. I use 2 different types of needles, both do the same job!

Urine sample bottle (for your wee)

Stripy Tourniquet Latex Free – I use this on your arm to locate your veins

Purple Tube, yellow Tube, Grey Tube – These tubes collect your blood samples

Sterile Wipe – Clean the area before we take your blood

Micropore Tape – I use this if you are allergic to Plasters

1 Cotton ball – Pressed on the site after the withdrawing of blood sample

1 Plaster – Cover over the entry site

Sharpe’s Bin – Disposal of used Needle

Pair of Gloves Latex Free – Used by me, when I take your blood sample.

And lastly you also get ME!

My Name is Alison Howlett, (Ali) I am the owner of Blood4You, the above pictures will hopefully answer the questions, that many people ask Me.?

I am a fully Qualified, Trained Phlebotomist (blood taker, or Vampire) as my friends like to call me!

The reason I set up Bloods4you, primarily, is to provide a 1-1 service of taking peoples bloods, as I really do Love my job!

I also work within the Health & Social Care Sector, so I have seen with my own eyes, the time and stress; some people have to go through, when wanting or waiting for blood work.

We are a Private Blood & Urine Service, to the General Public, Nurses, and Doctors Health Care Workers, Family and Friends Elderly People, anybody who requires a Blood Test!

When you book a blood test or Urine test with Bloods4you, we look after you! You’re not a number or a target figure, there is no Rush or time limits to get your blood work done.

We come to your home or workplace, to take your samples, so you don’t even have to leave your own comfy surroundings!

The cost we charge for taking your Blood or Urine samples included everything!

All you need to do is tell me, what date and time is convenient to you, then I would pop over to your location to carry out the tests you need, then in 24 hours, you get your test results back! Some tests do take longer, but I will always tell you, how long.

I know for a FACT Bloods4you is very cost effective, in regards to the price we charge for the whole private service we offer!

Our lowest price for a blood test is £40.00 We do not charge VAT

Please feel free in sharing Bloods4you with your family and friends, also check out our blog, which always has some good information about different tests, plus you could sign up to our Exclusive Monthly news letter, which is personal to your needs, click on the contact page, to find out more!

If you also want to hear, what people have said about Bloods4you, check out our testimonial page.

Thanks for Reading!! Ali :)

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