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“MEN – You check your Cars, Bikes or Computers are working all OK – Right”

Men - checking your own Health with Bloods4you

“So what about checking your own Health is working properly”

Lots of Men, including my Hubby and my Male friends, really do invest lots of time, money and effort in looking after their, Cars, Bikes and Computers.

It might be the cleaning of their cars, the new stuff they can put on their cars, or Upgrading their Bikes, again cleaning it, all weekend, and then there’s the computers, maybe a Mac or Xbox 1 or PS4, the list can go on and on.

Most Men will, maybe admit to the above information, it can rings true to them, or even better relate to it!

So where does looking after your own Men’s Health fit into this?

I am glad to say, that more men are now looking after their own health needs, as a National survey was carried out, in 2009, statics showed, Men did not visit their local GP’s or other Healthcare professionals, which can be shocking to see, as you don’t want your Male loved one, or Male friends to become poorly or even worse become terminally ill.

Although herpes blisters can be painful, many people don't know they have the condition because it may not produce any symptoms or symptoms may be mild.

HIV - (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)

The virus is passed on through exchanging bodily fluids (such as semen, blood) in the following ways:-

Unprotected sex (sex without a condom) this is the most common form of transmission, and includes, anal and oral sex 

sharing needles to inject drugs.

You can only be certain you are HIV positive if you have Blood Test.

Requesting a HIV Blood Test, will require you to have requested proof of adequate counselling from your chosen Medical Professional, prior to having your Blood Test sample obtained.

Right you lovely Men, there is absolutely no need to go to your local GUM Clinic or even visit your local GP Surgery,NO embarrassment for you!

Bloods4you can provide you directly all the above blood tests, in the comfort and privacy of your own Home or Workplace. Only you will receive your Test Results.

You choose the Time, Date and Location, so I could even pop over to your location, before you start washing your car, going for a bike ride, or before you start playing on your computer!

Call or Email Bloods4you today! Please feel free in sharing this information with your Male family members and friends!

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