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Tips and Tricks to Help You!

Have you ever gone and had your blood test done, then a few hours later your GP or other Healthcare Professional has called you to say -

“I am sorry but there was a problem with your blood sample, you will have to come back and do it again”

Does this sound familiar?

If it does, then I can tell you why this may have happened!

When having a blood test, you are sat in a chair, whist the person about to take your blood, is either washing their hands, or setting up their equipment, then they might do this, and then ask you to do the following:-

Whist the tourniquet is on your arm, the person taking your blood, simple taps with their hand, the middle part of your arm a few times? (Almost like a little slap action) Sometimes this is quite forceful, and then, they ask you to make a fist, then release your hand, then make a fist, several times?

Have you done this before?

Making a fist, then releasing your hand (opening it back out) several times over and over, whilst having the tourniquet on, will most probably make your blood test unable to be analysed! This is because, you are sending oxygenated blood up your arm, and then into the tube sample, which can affect your blood test results, or when it reaches the lab, it’s deemed useless when being analysed!

There is absolutely No reason why a Phlebotomist (blood Taker) Healthcare assistant should slap, or tap your arm! It doesn’t do anything, in fact it just makes a red mark on the persons arm, whom is about to have a blood test done.

Other tips & Tricks:-

Drinking lots and lots of WATER when having a blood test done, makes a Massive difference to your veins! Even if you are having a fasting blood test, you can still drink water.

Water doesn’t only keep your body hydrated, which makes you feel better, it makes your veins in your arm nice and bouncy and plump.

I also advise my clients to drink at least 2-3 pints of water, and without offending my clients, the larger the person the more water you will need to drink 4-5 pints, it does sound a lot of water, but it really does make a difference, when you don’t have very good veins, or you are a hard person to bleed.

Keeping WARM

This also helps your veins come to the surface better, and allows me to feel and locate your best plumped up one! Drinking plenty and keeping warm, will prevent you from also being stabbed more than once!

When having a Blood Test done, think about the above information and you too, could be as happy as the man in the photograph!

The added bonus about having a private blood test carried out by Bloods4you, is that we come to your own home, if you know your veins are not great, or in the past, the phlebotomist may have troubles taking your blood, you could jump in the shower, or bath, before I come into your home? Or pop a hot water bottle on top of your clothing whilst watching the telly, before I come.

You know what time I will be visiting you, as you have chosen the best time that suite your needs, so you can get prepared! :)

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