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Who we are?

Bloods4You is a Private, Professional & Confidential Blood and Urine Test Service in the Comfort of your own Home or Workplace!

We offer our Friendly, Professional and Strictly Private & Confidential Blood & Urine Tests Services directly to:-

The General Public, (Private Referral required) Qualified Professionals, Businesses/Employees . We can provide ANY Blood or Urine Tests you require.

Maybe you are choosing the IVF route, to become parents - We can provide you all your Fertility Blood Tests, when you have obtained a Private Referral, at a fraction of the price, most Private Clinics will charge you? or you might want to check your Thyroid, Liver Cholesterol, Blood Group, there are lots and lots of different Blood tests we can provide you, that maybe our NHS can not?

Your Test Results will be given directly back to your Medical Professional, very often within 24 Hours, No more waiting or worrying!

You choose the Date, Time and location that suites your needs, before you start work? or after Work? You choose!

All appointments are booked for 1 hour, so there is NO Rush, especially if you are not keen on having your bloods taken!

Our prices start from as little as £40.00.

To book Your Blood or Urine Tests, Please call or Email us with your requirements.

"Your Blood In Safe Hands"


Please RT with your Family & Friends.

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