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“CHEERS to Good Health”

Starting from July Bloods4you has started to provide our very own Blood Parties! We will be offering varies different Blood and Urine Packages, all to suit your needs!

Bloods4you already provide our fantastic, Private Services to anyone who, wants to have a Blood or Urine test obtaining, all in the comfort of your own home or workplace.

When visiting my private patients, at their homes or at work, many times my clients have a friend or family member with them, normal this is for support for the person having the test done (holding their hand) or just maybe because they have popped round for a coffee?

When I was recently visiting one of my clients, her friend asked if I could in fact take her blood as well? “Of course I said” as long as your friend doesn’t mind?

This then got me thinking......

We should start offering Friends and Families Blood Testing’s!

What is a Blood Party??

Our Blood parties work on the same principle as you holding an Avon or Pamper Party, apart from the fact you don’t get to purchase any Make-up or other goodies, you get to choose any Blood or Urine tests you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to have done at your local GP Surgery!

You will still have your family or friends around to your home, to grab a take-away or have a few cheeky drinks (after the blood tests) as well, you will all have your Blood or Urine tested, then your test results given back to you all individually very often within 24 hours!

We have already packaged the most popular Blood tests up for you; however you can choose any Blood or Urine test you want!

Package 1 – Sexual Health checks both Men &Women, this includes only Blood testing, or only Urine or Both!

Package 2 – Ladies only Blood testing including Thyroid.

Package 3 – Men only Blood testing including Prostate.

Package 4 – General Health Blood testing including Cholesterol.

To host a Blood Party, you must have a minimum of 5 people in your party, PLUS the host gets there Blood tests done for FREE!!

For more information about our Fantastic prices and packages please Telephone or Email us today!

“Cheers to Your Good Health”

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