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Do you know your Blood Type?.....

Blood Group - Bloods4you -£40.00 24hr Test Results

It's quite scary to know that in a recent survey 50% of people don't know their own Blood Type!

If you a choosing & traveling abroad to a Private Fertility Clinic, you will also need to provide your Fertility Consultant a recent (no longer than 4-6 months) your Blood type - In writing, or if you are going to work overseas, you will also need to provide your Blood type in writing.

Did you know, If you are unfortunately in a Medical Emergency, and you need a transfusion, the universal blood type (O negative) is used.

When receiving a blood transfusion, it's imperative that the blood must be compatible to your blood group, giving someone blood from the wrong group can potentially be life-threatening!

BUT, if you already know your blood type, you can put this information on your Emergency ID card on your Mobile Phone, or use the Medical App, ICE- which is a Free App, carry a Medical Card, our even Keep your Confidential Blood Test Result, which you & you only will have from Bloods4you!

To book your Private & Confidential Blood Group Test Call or Email us Today!

P.S The cost is only £40.00 - 24hrs Test Results.

Email - or

Tel: 07813 091464


*All Blood Tests & Tests are Strictly Private & Confidential.

*Survey information, was taken from Trinity Mirror Feature.

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