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These pictures are real, and I'm sure sometime in your life time you also may of had a nasty bruise after a blood test!

"I certainly have"

There are many reasons why, you will get a bruise after having a blood test, to be completed honest with you, a small bruise about the size of a pee or smaller will probably appear on your forearm, as your skin, (young or older) has been inserted by a smaller needle, which is then inserted into your vein to obtain your blood, there could also be a number of other factors, why a bruise (Hematoma ) appears, such as:-

Having a poorly trained person carrying out your Blood Test

The procedure being Rushed

Not locating the vein correctly

Going through the vein & hitting a Nerve - oouch!!

Moving the needle about whilst it's still in your arm

Not applying pressure on the site after the procedure is completed.

Bloods4you, will always listen to you! When having a Private Blood Test.

When having any blood test done, we always advise our patients to drink plenty of water 2-3 pints,this is not only to hydrate your body, but it makes your veins nice and plump.

We do not rush the process, we fully understand everybody deals with having a blood tests differently.

We take our time, in correctly locating your best felt vein, we DO NOT keep sticking you, to obtain your Blood!

If you do bruise easily, we will bring additional products to help minimise the area.

If we do miss your vein, or it rolls whilst the needle is in your arm, We WILL NOT wiggle the needle in your arm, in the hope of getting another vein & your blood!

We, Bloods4you are Qualified, Professional Phlebotomist's who have had fantastic Training, for us to be competent & Qualified in the whole process & procedure in obtaining blood samples, alongside this, we are also the patients sometimes, so we know how you are feeling, or thinking when you need a blood test carrying out.

What makes us different, is WE CARE, we are Honest, Fully Trained, Qualified, Fully Insured & Human!

To book your next Private Blood Test, without having a whooping & sometimes painful arm/hand call Bloods4you Today!

Visit our Fabulous Blog for more fantastic information. :)

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