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1st Blood Party Completed!!

OK, so I didn't use my teeth!!!

A few weeks ago, Bloods4you has staring to provide Blood Parties! I also said I would fill you in, on how it went!

The party was booked for 5 gents, who booked one of our Health packages, which took place in the host’s home.

I was externally excited to meet with all of them! I walked into the conservatory, where I was greeting by 5 chaps, such a lovely welcome!

We all sat in the conservatory, and spoke about different things, Health, Work, Social life, the norm, and then I asked “who would like to go first!

When we were all talking, I asked all 5 gents how and where they wanted their blood tests carrying out, in the conservatory, or in the kitchen, in a more private setting. They all agreed and consented to have their blood tests all together in the conservatory.

The atmosphere in the host’s house, was so relaxed, Tea & coffee and biscuits were following, everybody was calming and comfortable, one by one, the gents had all of their blood tests completed, all in front of each other, one chap was slightly nervous, but having his friends there supporting him, his nervous soon disappeared!

After all the blood tests were completed, I said my goodbyes, to allow them all to continue on with their evening.

The next day, all samples were received by our Private Laboratory, and One by One, each individual’s blood test results were given back to them, Privately & Confidentially.

Success! If you want to host your very own Blood Party, in the comfort of your own home, on a date and time convenient to you and your friends or family, Please Call or Email your requirements today!

P.S Don’t forget, the host gets there Blood Tests done for FREE!!!

We cover the Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire areas, other areas are available, upon request.

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