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"Is your Thyroid playing up?"

Thyroid Blood Testing -bloods4you

Thyroid Profile, or Thyroid Function tests, are a group of tests that are requested together, this is to help evaluate your thyroid gland function, and to help diagnose thyroid gland disorder, or to monitor your response to treatment you are having that's related to your disorders.

The thyroid function/profile blood test measures the amount of thyroid hormones we have, such as:-




These hormones are chemical substances, that travel through our bloodstream, and then controls or regulates our bodies metabolism system (uses of energy)

Thyroid hormones are present in our blood, either protein bound form, which is the majority, or the Free and active form of our hormone.

TSH - Thyroid stimulating Hormone - is produced by our pituitary gland, and is a part of our body's feedback system, to maintain stable amounts of thyroid hormones in our blood.

Requesting a Private and Confidential Thyroid Blood test, will help to diagnose Hypo and Hyperthyroidism, which can be due to various thyroid diseases, or to monitor your thyroid treatments, are working.

Hypothyroidism - Underactive Thyroid symptoms may include:-

weight gain

dry skin

cold intolerance

puffy skin


irregularity in us ladies monthly cycles

Hyperthyroidism - Overactive Thyroid symptoms may include:-

weight loss


difficulties sleeping

tremors in your hands


increased heart rate

Bloods4you will provide you directly with any Private Thyroid Blood Test, in the comfort of your own home or workplace, on a date and time that suits your busy schedules, you can request any variety of Thyroid Blood testings, without a Private Referral, your test results will be given directly back to you within 24hrs, speeding up the next best course of action you may/may not need!

We can also provide Thyroid antibodies, Throglobulin and more, its advised to test your Thyroid Profile 1st before requesting other thyroid blood tests. ( we will also cover different thyroid tests in another post)

Thyroid disorders affect 1 in 20 people in the UK, could you be one of them??

For more information, or to book your Private and Confidential Blood tests, please call us today!

Tel: 07813091464

"Your Blood in Safe Hands"

Other Links - British Thyroid Foundation

Thyroid UK -

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