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Progesterone Hormone??

The main role for Progesterone, is to help prepare women's body for pregnancy. This hormone also works together with other female hormones.

Progesterone blood test is requested to see if a women can ovulate and produce eggs, on a monthly basis, the hormone oestrogen causes the lining of our womb or uterus to grow & replenish itself, then LH luteinising hormone surges to the release of an egg from one of the two ovaries, then corpus luteum then forms in the ovary at the site where the egg was released and begins to produce progesterone.

Progesterone can be requested when women are having difficulties in getting pregnant, other hormone tests also work alongside the progesterone hormone, it is also carried out to see if and when us ladies are ovulating.

Taking drug or supplements might also interfere with your blood tests results.

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