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Ferritin? ........

Within cells, Iron is stored as Protein complexes called Ferritin. This is the main storage complex and is present mostly in our Liver, but it’s also in the Bone Marrow, Spleen and our muscles. A small amount of Ferritin circulates in our Blood.

Having a Ferritin Blood Test will see how much Iron your body has stored for future use; it’s also a useful indicator of Iron Deficiency.

Low levels of Iron in our bodies could lead to Anaemia and the production of Red Blood Cells, or having too much Iron in your body, could cause Haemochromatosis – Iron Overload, then this could lead to other Medical Conditions.

Symptoms of Iron Overload, is pain as iron builds up in our bodies, more commonly in our joints,

other symptoms:-


Lack of Energy

Pain in the Tummy

Loss of Sex drive

The easiest form of Iron for our bodies to absorb is through Food, Meats and Eggs or Iron rich sources which include:-

Dark green leafy Vegetables

Iron Fortified Breads


Raisins & Nuts.

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