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Does your Health feel a bit Tangled?

When you are feeling a bit "out of sorts" you know in yourself something is wrong?

It could be that feeling of ummm?? Or the tiredness feeling, your always busy, busy, but somehow you still feel tired? Or you've had a cough & a cold for a few days, weeks maybe, and it's just not getting any better?

"So what do you do"

Most people, just get on with it! Some visit there local GP, some go to the local pharmacy, some even do nothing! Because it's mostly down to TIME!

Well, Bloods4you can help you! If your a busy Mum, Dad, Family Member Friend, or Professional Person, Bloods4you you can offer you ANY Private Blood Test.

This then can give you the most up to accurate cause of what's going on with your Health!

You choose the best Time & Date that suits your busy schedules, early morning or late evening, you choose!

Whatever Blood Test you would like, Bloods4you can provide this. All Test Results are Strictly Private & Confidential, only you will have the copy of your Results, this then speeding up the next best course of action, you may or may not need.

Bloods4you Test Results are very often given back to you within

24 hours!!

Our prices start from as little as £40.00

So, you had the time to read this, so do the next best thing and call us Today! ☺️

"Your Blood In Safe Hands"

*Dont forget to claim your FREE Blood Test!

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