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Peace of mind?

Wouldn't it lovely if you could ring up your GP and say "I need a blood Test for ...... and I would like it to be Today"

Ok, you will probably be able to visit your local NHS surgery, maybe not today, maybe in a few days or a week to see your GP or Nurse, but will they give you the Blood Tests you Want?? - Probably Not!

Financial demands on our NHS Services, means that Blood Tests tend to be limited,

you Are likely to be offered generic Blood Tests, (yay) But what about other specific tests, to determine or diagnose your own current Health needs?

Checking or Monitoring

Spotting Early Stages of a Disease or Condition

Checking Risk factors or Hereditary Markers

Fertility Tests

Peace of Mind!

Bloods4you can Privately & Confidentially provide ANY Blood Test you Require, when you obtain a Private Referral, your Test Results are only given Back to Your Medical Professional, very often with 24hours!

You don't even have to leave your home!! As we visit you, in the comfort & privacy of your own house or at your workplace, PLUS you choose the Date & Time to fit around your busy schedules.

Bloods4you- Is a VERY cost effective Blood & Urine Test Service, starting from as little £40 (having a Private Blood Test & identity diseases or conditions early could be priceless)

To find out more, please visit or Telephone/Email us Today!


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