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"We have arrived on iTunes"!!!

Bloods4you is Super, Super excited to Share with you all!!!

You can now Download our FABULOUS FREE APP on iTunes

Wooo Hoooo!

Our App has been designed with YOU in mind - focusing on giving you a better user experience, it allows you to easily stay up to date with Everything we've got going on, communicate with us at the touch of a finger!

Our App will also be available on Smart Phones & Android Phones shortly!

Pop on over to the ITunes App Store from your Iphone or Ipad and search for Bloods4you - Download us now!

Our App has all the Fabulous information about how you, your family and friends can get your own Private & Confidential Blood or Urine Tests carried out, when you have obtained a Private Referral, all in the comfort & privacy of your own home or workplace, on a Date & Time you need!

Please share & Re-tweet!

"Your Blood in Safe Hands"



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