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The Big One!

FBC Biochemistry the big one bloods4you

Full Blood Count Biochemistry-Thyroid Function FT4/FT3/TSH - For Ladies or Full Blood Count Biochemistry-Thyroid Function FT4/FT3 PSA Profile - For Gents FBC Biochemistry Thyroid Profile & FBC Biochemistry Thyroid PSA are the most comprehensive blood tests, both tests for men and women, tests over 30 plus different tests, requesting the above tests will check, measure and monitor your own individual health needs.

To give you a better understanding of what tests will be checked, here are the most common tests, you maybe familiar with:-

Thyroid Cholesterol Liver Kidneys Urea Free Thyroxine TSH Glucose Potassium Prostate Specific Antigen (MEN) Calcium and much, much more!! In some cases the NHS GP Surgeries, will only provide you, with the "standard"

Full Blood Count" - this test checks 10 tests, however it does not check for some of the most important tests, that you may need!

You maybe thinking - "that's a lot of tests" - "how much blood is gong to be needed?"

We will only need to obtain 3 tubes of bloods - 5 ML (teaspoon) 4 ML and 2 ML's and

that's it! if you see in the picture above, the yellow, purple and grey tubes will be used to obtain your Private and Confidential FBC Biochemistry Thyroid Profile/PSA Blood Test.

Bloods4you can offer you both, Men & Women the Private & Confidential Full Blood Count Biochemistry Blood Test, on a date and time that suits your needs, only you will receive your Strictly Private & Confidential Test Results back, within 24 Hours. To Book your Private appointment, please Telephone or Email your requirements today. Telephone: 07813 091464 Email: Bloods4you@ - follow us on #bloods4you @bloods4you Or Visit our Testimonial page on our website.

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