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What's coming up next? ..........

So we kicked off January's Blog with New Year, New You, which kick started the New Year, with New and Existing clients, checking their own Healthcare needs which was Fab!

January, we provided more people, with checking for there Lipids and having mini Health checks, after having, and consuming all the fabulous treats Christmas brings! It's always good to check your own personal Healthcare needs!

We are also very excited to announce Bloods4you will be providing our fabulous Blood & Urine Test Services to Marianne Killick Acupuncture - Ancient Healing For Contemporary Living. To find out more about Marianne please visit

February this year our Blog Topic is called The Big C - you will be able to read and of course, have your very own variety of different Private & Confidential Blood Tests all relating to Cancer & Tumour Markers, plus, Bloods4you will be helping and supporting with World Cancer Day.

March & April Topic, will be all about Fertility! As this topic has such a lot information and lots of different Blood & Urine Tests we will be covering two months!

So watch this space..........

Don't forget, you can still claim your FREE FBC Blood Test, once you have subscribed to Bloods4you, you will also receive Exclusive offers!

Hope to see you all soon!

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