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Follicle-Stimulating Hormone......

FSH along with a few other hormones are important when trying to conceive, If you are having difficulty getting pregnant or are having irregular menstrual periods (in order to identify or rule out ovarian failure/menopause in women and sperm production failure in men)

When couples have infertility issues and are having to choose to the IVF route, FSH plays an important factor, whether you are having IVF through the NHS or paying Privately for your special journey, your FSH Levels need to be a certain number, this number does vary between different Clinics & NHS Trusts, in some cases having a higher level of FSH, could mean that your special journey stops before it's even begun :(

Bloods4you can most certainly help you ladies along your special journeys, we have, and still are providing patients today with Privately Testing (blood) with your FSH Levels, knowing what your FSH is, could mean the difference between starting your exciting journey, (knowing it's within the requirements), in becoming parents and,nearly starting your journey & then your treatment not being offered.

We can totally and conveniently work around your menstrual cycles as this Blood test needs to be carried out on day 2-3 or 4, You will already know what your FSH level would need to be, so Bloods4you would Privately & Confidentially provide you directly, as and when you a requiring your FSH.

We provide our services to you directly in the comfort & privacy of your own home or your workplace. Your Test Results will be given back to you, very often within 24 hours!!!

Many of Bloods4you patients have also tried to improved their FSH levels through Acupuncture -

Marianne Killick Acupuncture is the lady you need to speak to, you can contact her at info@mariannekillick.co.uk for more information!

For your Private & Confidential FSH Blood Test at the fantastic price of £50!! Please Telephone, Chat Online or Email Bloods4you today.



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