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Testosterone - Men & Women

Getting your Private & Confidential Testosterone Blood Test will check to see if you both have abnormal levels of Testosterone. 

Having this Blood Test could measure & help to explain why a Man is having problems, such as:- Erect Penis Inability to get your partner Pregnant. For women if you have:- Masculine physical features Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) 

In women Testosterone levels are about one tenth of those in men. Testosterone is produced both in small amounts from the ovary and by conversion from other weak androgens in the body. 

Androgens - Whilst in the womb, androgens produced by the embryo cause the development of the male organs. 

In males Testosterone is the most important androgen. 

In men, Testosterone stimulates the enlargement of the penis, growth of body hair, muscle development, it's also to regulate the sex drive and maintain muscle mass. 

Testosterone is requested in Men when, or if you have a lower sex drive or erectile dysfunction. 

Testosterone is requested in women when we may have irregular or no menstrual periods or we are finding it difficult to get pregnant. 

Bloods4you can provide you both directly a Private & Confidential Testosterone Blood Test, all in the comfort of your own home or we can visit your workplace, you choose the date & time that best suits your busy schedules. Your Test Results will be given directly back to you each, very often within 24hours! It's better for you males to be tested in the morning 9am onwards & anytime for us ladies. To Book your Private Blood Test, please Telephone, Chat Online or Email is today. #Bloods4you #Fertility  

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