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"You asked - We Listened" :)

Bloods4you can now accept all major credit cards, debit cards, contactless & Apppe Pay payments at (no extra charge) when paying for your Private & Confidential Blood or Urine Tests.

Many of our clients, have asked "do you take card payments" and at the time we didn't, but as this question was becoming more and more frequent, we have listened to our Fabulous Clients and now We Can! 

Not only do we provide our Exceptional & Unique Private Blood & Urine Test Services, directly to you! We also know it's super important to listen to our clients, and where change for the better is needed, we will and continue to Listen & provide our Services to you all! - Your Blood In Safe Hands"

Don't forget if you subscribe to our Website, there is a Exclusive offer waiting for you!

Plus you will receive our Fantastic Offers & News on all Blood Related Tests & Topics.

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