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Now Calcium is one of the most important minerals in our bodies. Did you know that about 99% of calcium is found in our Bones! The rest circulates in our blood. A calcium Blood Test is requested to be tested and diagnose, or to monitor a range of conditions that are related to not, only our bones, but our heart, nerves and kidneys. The Parathyroid Hormone - PTH from the parathyroid gland is releases, Calcium levels rise and Phosphate decreases. Having a PTH Blood Test & Calcium Blood Test could help your Medical Professional or GP discover whether you have a Parathyroid disorder or any other condition. Having large fluctuations in free calcium could cause our hearts to slow down or beat to fast, or our muscles could go into spasm. A private Calcium Blood Test could diagnose you, if you have symptoms that may suggest:- Kidney Stones Bone disease Neurological- nerve related disorders. You may also appear to have symptoms, if you have too much calcium, therefore you could be experiencing tiredness, weakness, loss of appetite, increased thirst. Not having enough calcium, could cause symptoms, such as:- Cramps in your Legs or abdomen, muscle cramps and tingling in your fingers. Bloods4you can provide you directly a variety of different Vitamins and Minerals Blood Tests, along with many many more, all in the comfort and privacy of your own home or workplace. Your Private & Confidential Blood Test Results, will be given directly back to you, very often within 24 hours. For more information or to book your Private Calcium Blood Test, please Telephone or email us today. - "Your Blood In Safe Hands" P.s Subscribe to Bloods4you for Exclusive Offers, News and updates on all Blood and Urine related topics, plus an Exclusive offer is waiting for you! #bloods4you

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