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Requesting a Potassium Blood Test, is to diagnose the levels of your Potassium in your Blood, it's also used to investigate other illness, such as High Blood Pressure or Kidney Disease. If we have too much or not enough Potassium in our blood this could make us feel unwell :( An abnormal amount of Potassium can affect & alter our function to our muscles & nerves. If you have high levels of concentration Potassium, this is called Hyperkalaemia - you may experience symptoms such as:- Feeling Sick Muscle weakness & if severe cause irregular heart beats. If you have low levels of concentration Potassium, this is called Hypokalaemia - weakness to our heart abnormalities. Hyperkalaemia - most common cause is from Kidney Disease, other forms of drugs can also decrease the amount of Potassium excreted from our body and result in this condition. Hypokalaemia - can occur from dehydration, and having severe diarrhoea & vomiting. Potassium can also be lost through our kidneys in urine - diuretics (water pills) can also result in Hypokalaemia. Having a good intake of dietary sources, such as, fruits, vegetables, and meats are good sources of potassium. Bananas, melons, orange juice, potatoes, spinach, broccoli, milk, yoghurt, turkey and beef.

Private Potassium Blood Tests, needs to be obtained and sent through to the Private UKAS Accredited Pathology Laboratory on the same day, this will give you the, most accurate levels of potassium in your blood, you will also receive your Private Test Results back the Same Day!   

Having a Private & Confidential Potassium Blood Test, you will discover if you have too much or too low levels, of Potassium concentration in your blood, therefore your chosen Medical Professional/GP can treat this! Speeding up the next best course of action your Health may need! Other Blood Tests can also be requested alongside Potassium, to monitor or diagnose your Electrolyte Balance. To Book your Private & Confidential Blood Tests, please Telephone or Email your requirements today. P.s If you subscribe to Bloods4you today, you will automatically receive 10% off your first Blood Tests, plus we are offering our Exclusive Offer - Mini Mineral Check! Grab yours today. "Your Blood In Safe Hands" #bloods4you

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