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Know your Supplements?..

More and more people today, are taking Vitamins and Minerals as supplements- which is fabulous -  if you know you have a deficiencies in your body! The only way to find out if that's the case is to have a Blood Test! But what would happen if you didn't have any deficiencies & your taking too much!

Well you most probably will feel very un-well, Instead of helping your Immunity or your body in what - ever you think you are lacking in, you are more than likely overdosing your poor body with vitamins or minerals, which is never good! Bloods4you have been seeing more & more patients regarding Vitamins & Minerals - overdosing their bodies and feeling very unwell, you may have symptoms such as:- Stomach pain Vomiting Diarrhoea Constipation Hair loss and Fatigue! If you are taking any supplements, you should just stick to that one alone (unless otherwise instructed by your Medical Professional) if you do take other supplements, make sure your not doubling or overdosing yourself on the same one, that you are already taking! It's always good practice to speak with your own GP or Pharmacist, when taking any supplements, they will explain the recommended daily amount you should be taking. Most multivitamins cover a variety of all the vitamins you will need, so increasing another supplements, will actually do nothing, or make you feel, not at your best! Some vitamins such as B & C are generally harmless, as these two are Water Soluble vitamins, so if you do take too much of B & C, these will be removed from our bodies by our Urine, however other vitamins & minerals can become toxic in larger doses! Iron supplements, you should always check with your Medical Professional before taking Iron supplements as iron is one of the few minerals our bodies can not get rid off, unless it's through Blood loss, Iron is an oxidising agent, that may increase the cause of Heart Disease. Having too much of Vitamin D - daily may cause you to have kidney stone formation or High Cholesterol levels and High Blood pressure problems. Having to much Calcium daily, could lead to poor absorption, and use of Zinc, Iron & magnesium could damage your kidney functioning. Don't forget that in some of our foods we eat & drink also have vitamins & minerals in there too! 

"Let's get you a Private Blood Test" Not only will we visit you in the comfort of your own home, you choose the best Date & Time that suits your schedule! Tests Results will be given directly back to you within 24 hours, this then greatly speeding up the next best course of action you may need! To check to see if you have a Vitamin or Mineral deficiency, please telephone or email Bloods4you today! "Your Blood In Safe Hands" 

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