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Private Urine Culture?

Urine is one our bodies waste products, It is produced in the kidneys and collected in the bladder until we go for a wee. Normally in our urine it doesn't contain any significant numbers of any microorganism, however, if bacteria or Yeast gets in there, and are introduced into the urinary tract, they can multiply and cause a urinary tract infection, called a UTI. If you have a problem when going to the toilet, such as pain or burning sensation when going for a wee, this could indicate the possibility of a urinary tract infection. Pregnant women without any symptoms may also be screened for bacteria in their urine, which could harm the baby. Bloods4you can provide you directly a Private & Confidential Urine Culture, we visit you in the comfort of your own home or workplace on a date & time that suits your busy schedule. Your Urine Sample will be sent to our Private Accredited UKAS Pathology Laboratory for analysis, then your Private Test Results will be given directly back to you within 1 day - As your Sample needs to be cultured & incubated. To Book your Private Urine Culture Test, in the comfort of your own home or workplace, at the fantastic cost effective price, please Telephone, Email or Chat online with your requirements today.



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