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hCG Beta Blood Test versus Urine Tests....

Like many of us women, when we have been trying to have a baby for a while, be it from the natural way, or with a helping hand, (Hormones,ICI, IUI, IVI or IVF) the next exciting or nervous part is the TEST! So... do we pee on the stick or get a Blood Test?? I know from my own personal experience, as soon as the dates, times where matching, I must of brought at least 10!! Yes 10 Clear Blue digital pregnancy Tests!! Not only did I use all 10 tests, just to double check, then daily check, then weekly check, it wasn't until I had a hCG Beta Blood Test done, twice! To be completely sure I was in fact Pregnant! Knowing now I could of just save myself £££'s on getting a Private Blood Test, I wouldn't of had to look & endure that 3 minutes of the hoping & sweating for the "Pregnant" word to appear! hCG Beta Blood Test can be done as early as 10 days after a missed menstrual period. During early pregnancy, the amount of hCG in the blood doubles every two to three days.

If you are on your 2ww it's advise by your choosing Private Clinic to wait & not test to early! Also if you choose not to have a Blood Test and use your Urine instead, don't drink large amounts of fluid before collecting a urine sample for a pregnancy test, because overly dilute urine may result in a False Negative Test Results :(

It takes 10 days after conception before the presence of hCG can be detected by the urine test. Quantitative blood testing for hCG is more sensitive than urine hCG testing, so sometimes a blood test will indicate pregnancy when the urine test is negative. "What's your preference, Blood or Wee"?

Bloods4you can provide you directly in the comfort of your own home or workplace your hCG Beta Blood Test! You choose the best date & time to suit your busy schedule.

For more information please Telephone, Email or chat instantly online.

*All Blood & Urine Tests are Strictly Private & Confidential, only you will receive your results within

24 hrs or on the same day!

"Your Blood In Safe Hands"

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