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Immunity In the Workplace....

Workers compliance - EPP Blood Tests IVS

Are you a Medical Professional? You will already know that for any NHS Trust or Private Sector, they require you to be compliant with the Trusts Immunity Screen & EPP in the workplace! If you are an Agency Medical Professional, I.E, Nurse, Doctor Anaesthetist, Dental Practitioner, You will have to provide your own Immunity Screening status in writing, to your chosen Recruitment agency & to the Trust you are working in! The NHS Occupational Health & Safety department will only allow & accept your original Test Result provided by either a Trust Laboratory or an approved Independent UK Laboratory. Bloods4you already provide a variety of IVS - (Identified and validated samples) Immunity Blood Tests to all Medical Professionals, who already work directly within the NHS Trust or Private Sectors and a variety of Health and Social Care Recruitment Agencies. In some cases, you will not be able to start working within your chosen medical field, until your Results are back!, but choosing Bloods4you for all your Private Immunity & EPP Blood Tests you won't need to wait! All Private Blood & Urine Samples are Analysed within a Private UKAS Accredited Pathology Laboratory, with 24 hour Test Result turnaround, or Same Day! All Blood & Urine Tests are Strictly Private & Confidential, only you will receive your Test Results back via Email. For more information, or to Book your Private Immunity, EPP Blood Tests call Today! "Your Blood In Safe Hands"

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