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Fertility - Helping You Directly....

More and more couples are heading aboard each year, for different Fertility/infertility Treatments, as our current NHS & CCG 's have had more budget cuts, or have completely stopped/scrapped all IVF treatments to save money :(

Bloods4you and FIV Marbella are working together, to help all couples, on your special Fertility journeys. Bloods4you will provide you both directly with all your up to date Blood or Urine testings and results, before you head off to FIV Marbella, not only do you receive your test results back, but we can email across your test results directly to Michelle, if you would like us too?

FIV Marbella is located in Marbella in Spain, it opened in April 2012 and is a Private Clinic.

They are formed by a team that brings together medical professionals with over 20 years’ experience in Assisted Reproduction with highly trained embryologists with an international working career in countries like Spain, Italy and the United States, with extensive experience in infertility treatment.

They also have a nursing team and a specialised international department with experience in reproductive medicine, which will guide you whatever your nationality.

When having to choose a Private Fertility Clinic aboard, you will probably have a million different questions? - Here's a few.....

Language - This would probably be for me, the first thing I would think about?

Cost - How much will it cost me, or where would I stay?

What Treatments I would need, or what do they offer?

High pregnancy success rates?

Where do I get our pre-screened Bloods done, before we go?

These's are the most common questions I would need to know!

Michelle Wood -Native English - Michelle is English Speaking with extensive experience in the guidance and advice of international patients assisted reproduction treatments.

Michelle is the lady you will be communicating with, all the way through your special journey, her details are:-

Michelle Wood

E-mail: mwood@fivmarbella.com

Telephone: 0034 951 087 975

Mobile: +34 673 418 662

Website: www.fivmarbella.com

Bloods4you believes and understands that everyone's Private Special Fertility Journeys are different, we have the great pleasure in providing many couples, same sex couples all their Fertility/infertility Blood and Urine Tests, all in the comfort of your on homes or workplace, on a date and time that suits our patients schedules, as some Blood Tests are "timed sensitive" - We work around you!

If you thinking about, or wanting to know more about having Private Fertility Treatments in Spain, then telephone or email Michelle Wood at FIV Marbella today.

Bloods4you - "Your Blood In Safe Hands"

FIV Marbella - "Based on clarity, simplicity and humanity"

For more information, please Telephone, Email or chat online today!

Telephone: 07813 091464

E-mail: bloods4you@outlook.com




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