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Competition Time!!

Bloods4you will be rolling out our Fabulous & Fantastic Competition!! Just in time for Christmas or to be used after Christmas!! If you are the Lucky Winner, you have the choice to keep your Free £125.00 Blood or Urine Test, or give it to your Family member or Friend!! (If it was me, I’d keep the Gin though) :) So what Tests can you have done??? There are a massive selection of Private Blood or Urine Tests you can choose from, such as:- Full Blood Count Biochemistry Thyroid TSH/FT4 Profile - This Test covers over 30+ different tests! Vitamins or Mineral Screen Coeliac Disease Testing Diabetes Urine Culture 

Urine Drug/Alcohol Screen

Full Sexual Health Screen Allergies Hormone Panel, both men & women Thyroid Antibodies Immunity Screening TB Quantiferon Gold & lots more to choose from! Head over to our Facebook Page to find out how you can Win!!!!  Good Luck everyone!!! *The Winner will be announced live on our Facebook page on the 21st December 2017. The Winner must use their winning Private & Confidential Blood or Urine Test by the end of January 2018. “Your Blood In Safe Hands”  

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