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About 2.8 million people in the United Kingdom (4.45% of the population) are known to have diabetes and a further ¾ million may have the condition and not know it!!!! There are two different types of Diabetes.

Type 1 - this develops when our bodies can no longer produce Insulin, approximately 10% of diabetes cases in the United Kingdom is usually diagnosed in those under the age of 30. 

The cause of diabetes is unknown? However having a family history of diabetes, viruses that injure the pancreas, are all thought to play a role. 40% of those with type 1 diabetes can develop serious kidney problems leading to kidney failure by the age of 50 :( Type 2 - this is where our bodies can make our own Insulin, however it’s not in a sufficient amount, to meet our needs and/or our bodies have become resistant to its effects. Roughly 90% of people in the United Kingdom have Type 2 Diabetes. We can provide you directly with a Private HbA1c Blood Test, we can also provide this specific Blood Test if you already have Type 1 Diabetes, to monitor your current treatment & your levels. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended that HbA1c can also be used to diagnose type 2 diabetes in people who were not previously known to have the condition! We can provide you directly with your Private & Confidential HbA1c Blood Test, in the Comfort of your own home or workplace, on a date & time that suits your schedule, what’s more you will receive your Private Test Results back within 24hours!! For more information, or to Book your Private Blood Test, please Telephone, Call or Chat Online Today! “Your Blood In Safe Hands”

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