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Have your Blood Tests expired?

If you are currently still under the NHS funding for your IVF journey or you are having to now choose the Private route, (because of NHS budgets cuts, especially Peterborough & Cambridgeshire, going from 1-0 because of budget cuts & financial stains) your previous Blood Tests, may now be over 6months - 1 year old, which means the NHS & Private Clinics will probably ask for a fresh up to date new set of Blood Tests? This can then lead to longer waiting times for you both! Bloods4you already provide all your Fertility Blood & Urine Tests, what’s more, you both will receive your Test Results directly back to you, within 24 hours! Speeding up the long awaited treatments you both need! These tests are what we already provide to couples & same sex partners today:- FSH - (Follicle-stimulating Hormone) Hepatitis B Hepatitis C HIV I & II Ab/p24 Ag RPR/VDRL (syphilis) We can provide you both we a variety of different Private & Confidential Blood Tests, what’s more we visit you! From early morning appointments, right through until the evening, again you choose the best time & date that suits your busy schedules. Test Results are given directly back to you within 24 hours or Same Day! For more information or to Book your Private Blood or Urine Tests please contact us today :) Telephone- 07813 091464 Email - Chat online - 

*visit our website to see all the areas we cover.

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