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Intravenous Nutrient Therapy (IVNT)......

We are super Excited to let you all know.... Bloods4you is now also working in partnership with Bravo Medical Aesthetics!!

Bravo Medical Aesthetics (BMA for short) is a Fabulous Private Clinic based in the heart of Peterborough, specialising in the MOST Innovated Non-Surgical Aesthetic Technology, providing comprehensive services to help discover the Healthier, Happier and more Beautiful YOU – in and out!

Mauricee Bravo – Company Owner, is the very talented, Fully Qualified Nurse Practitioner, with over 10 years of Clinical experience in her field.

During her many years of training, Mauricee has developed a genuine Passion in the art and Science of Medical Aesthetics; she continues to participate in advance masterclasses in Harley Street, which is world renowned for its superior status in the Private Aesthetics world.

BMA offers you are variety of different treatments, including IVNT – Intravenous Nutrient Therapy, from only £50.00!!

BMA specially formulated Vitamin drips and booster shots provide a unique combination of vitamins, trace minerals and anti-oxidants, which have been designed to rehydrate your body, increasing energy levels, support immunity and optimise wellbeing!

IV Vitamin drips have become the Secret weapon of Athletes, and tired burnt out Celebrities, to name a few – Brad Pitt, Madonna, Simon Cowell and many more A-list celeb’s!!

Nutrients are obtained from food we eat, or by oral nutritional supplements, unfortunately our bodies natural absorption process, 85% of oral nutritional intake gets excreted, leaving only 15% of the active Nutrients to reach our bloodstream.

With IVNT these nutrients transfer and get absorbed directly into our body cells and create rapid change, how you feel overall!

For more information on all the treatments at Bravo Medical Aesthetics and Mauricee can offer you directly, please get in touch today!


Telephone: +44 7488 328935

*Discounted prices for BMA's intravenous Nutrient Therapy Patients.

"Your Blood In Safe Hands"

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