• Alison Howlett

Private Medical Insurance?

Bloods4you provides a variety of different Private Patients, who are requesting our Services for:- Fertility Testings Sexual Health Screening General Health check ups Immunity Screening & many many more, but did you know..... If you have a Private Medical Insurance Policy, you maybe able to claim your Private Blood or Urine Tests through your chosen Private Medical Insurer. Bloods4you will provide you with all the necessary paperwork, of which your insurance company will need :) All Blood or Urine Tests & Results are Strictly Private & Confidential, only you will receive your Test Results back via an encrypted email, very often with 24hrs! For more information, please get in touch today. Email: Alison.Howlett@Bloods4you.co.uk Telephone: 07813 091464 Chat online: www.bloods4you.co.uk 



Bloods4you does not share/give or sell any personal/sensitive details to any other organisations and strictly safeguards your right to privacy.

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