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Cortisol - “The Stress Hormone”

Cortisol, is sometimes referred to as the “Stress Hormone” so what is it??

Cortisol is a hormone that plays a really important role in our metabolism (produced energy) Protein (makes make up enzymes and hormones that regulate body functions) Lipids (good & bad fats) carbohydrates (starches & sugars) it also affects our blood glucose levels (diabetes or pre-diabetes) this then helps maintain blood pressure & also regulates our immune system! Cortisol is produced in the cortex of the adrenal glands, and is transported around our body’s via the bloodstream. When our adrenal glands are overworked and exhausted, this could end in the result of erratic spikes of cortisol at inappropriate times, this will then lead to Burnout!! For busy mums, dads or anyone who has a large amount of STRESS in their life’s, your Cortisol will become elevated. Having low levels of cortisol can cause, weakness & fatigue & low blood pressure, having high levels of cortisol, you may experience:- Rapid weight gain High blood pressure Muscle weakness Mood swings/anxiety or depression Blood sugar imbalances Poor sleep. There are also several ways of reducing your own cortisol levels, for example:- Exercising & Diet - Base Training in Cambridge, (CrossFit Cambridgeshire) these guys have a combined experience of of 40 years! Visit them today at Relaxing is also a winner, we can recommend PURE Tranquility in Peterborough, call Esther today on 07880 733034. Bloods4you can provide you directly in the comfort of your own home or workplace on a date and time you choose your Cortisol or any Private & Confidential Blood Test, plus your Test Results are given directly back to you within 24hrs! For more information, or to book your next Blood or Urine Test, please contact us today :) Email Tel: 07813 091464 Facebook:  

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