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Dentists, Hygiene Therapists & Dental Nurses....

Dentists Hep B immunity screening - bloods4you

As a Dentist or Dental Nurse, you will already know that your Immunity status will always be a priority to yourself and that of your patients, under current legislation and regulations outlined in the HCAI Code of Practice there is a legal duty for your Employer or Registered Provider to ensure that health care workers are free of infection, and are protected from exposure to communicable infections during the course of their work.

As you have direct contact with your patients, and perform exposure prone procedures (EPP) it is vital that you keep up to date with your own Immunity Screening and status.

Lets not forget, that dentists and other healthcare workers, working in the practice will be aware of "needle stick injuries" so making sure your own immunity status is up to date, is just as important to you and your patient!

Bloods4you can provide you directly, with all your Immunity Screening, such as:-

Hepatitis B ab Titre (Post Immune)

Hepatitis B Surface Antigen

Hepatitis B Core IgG/IgM

Hepatitis C Antibody

HIV I & II Ab/p24 Ag screen

TB Quantiferon Gold

All of the above Private Blood Tests, test results will be given directly back to you within 24hrs. Apart from TB QG as this take 1 day incubation analysis.

We also provide all Healthcare/Medical Professionals, different fabulous, cost effective packages, or single testings with discounts!

For more information, or to book your Private Immunity Screening Blood Tests, please contact us today!

"Your Blood In Safe Hands"

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