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Infertility& Fertility tips and tricks.

Quite a few of my Ladies who are on their own Fertility Journeys, will have to inject themselves with various different hormones or medications, which for some ladies this doesn't faze them at all, but for others, having in inject themselves on a daily basis is quite a nervous process.

Sometimes our Hubby or partner are the designated person to carry this out, so the pressure "is on" not only does this needle go directly into your tummy or thigh, but your poor partner gets the added pressure on not hurting his love one!

*Don't forget to wash your hands, front & back, fingers, fingernails use soap and warm water.

1st Tip - ICE

Grab some ice cubes out of your freezer, and pop them onto your tummy or thigh - you want to leave this on for about 2-3 minutes to numb the area (don't directly pop the cold cube directly onto your skin as you can in fact sometimes get an "Ice Burn" or you can purchase an Ice Bag (local chemist sell them for about £1 or two.

Once the area of where you are about to inject is nicely numb, use an alcohol wipe over the area, allow this to air dry, (otherwise it's going to Sting!) some of my ladies have even suggested lying down on the floor or bed, as this helps, don't forget to grab a nice chunk of flesh around your tummy, you want to aim below your belly button, or by the side, not to far down tho, as this is more fleshy, more is better - without hurting yourself of course.

Then insert the needle into the area, take your time when injecting the needle into your skin

(I know for some ladies the theory is ... the quicker the better) but if you take your time & breath, this sometimes works in your favour, you can also angle the needle, again this sometimes takes the "Sting" away, you will probably get a little sting, but don't rub the site, after you have successfully done your jab! As this is where a nice bruise will appear! Apply pressure to the site, but don't give it a rub.

When you next do your Jab, try and remember to space the sites about- move apart about an inch or two from where you last injected.

2 - In the Shower

If you are choosing to inject into your thigh rather than your tummy, having a warm shower together, this may ease the anxiety of the initial Jab, again remember to use the most fleshy part to inject, pop the needle in, just like you would in your tummy, making sure all the liquid has empty out and into your thigh, the warm water may in fact help you better than icing the area, then enjoy the rest of your shower!

For more information about Bloods4you and our fabulous March & April's Blog topic - Infertility & Fertility, pop over to our website today :)

Best of Luck to all you ladies on your special journeys.

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