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"AMH - Anti-Mullerian Hormone"

When you both or, as individuals are starting your exciting and personal journeys in becoming parents, there are quite a few different blood tests you will probably need to be tested for, one of the many important blood tests you will have to obtain is a AMH.

(Through your own choice of course)

AMH is a hormone produced by reproduction tissues, including the testicles in men and the ovaries in females, AMH and the amount normally present varies depending upon sex and our age, this blood test measure AMH in your blood.

For Women AMH can help & guide with treatments for undergoing assisted conception procedures, for Example IVF, your test results can provide the right treatment to your own individual needs!

For Men AMH is generated within cells of the testes. After puberty the levels of AMH decline in men.

AMH may also be used to test & monitor the response to treatment of Ovarian Tumours that may return!

AMH is a relatively new test used by some Medical Centers, and have been found to be increased 2-3 times in PCOS. At present, this Blood Test is not routinely used in the investigation of PCOS in the UK, although this could change as a result of ongoing research.

If you are choosing a Private Fertility Clinic, here in the UK or abroad, we can provide you directly with all your Infertility/Fertility Blood tests at a very competitive cost.

Unfortunately AMH is Not routinely checked with your Local GP Surgeries,

(within the NHS) however Bloods4you can offer you directly this specialised Blood Test!

We visit you, in the comfort and privacy of your own home or workplace, on a date and time that suits your schedules.

All Blood & Urine Tests are Strictly Private & Confidential, your Blood or Urine Samples are tested and analysed through a Private UKAS Accredited Pathology Laboratory, in the UK.

Your Blood Test Results are Strictly Private & Confidential, only YOU will receive your Test Results back, very often within 24 hours or Same Day!

For more information, or to book your Private & Confidential AMH Blood Test on a date & time convenient to You, please Telephone or Email your requirements today!

Visit our Testimonials page, to see what others have said about us!

Telephone: 07813 091464


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