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Private Blood Testing In Cambridgeshire

Nobody looks forward to having a blood test, especially if there are long waiting times. Ideally you want it to be as quick, painless and stress-free as possible. Unfortunately, because the NHS is pressurised, this is rarely the case. 


Why not remove the stress, discomfort and worry, with our private blood testing in Cambridgeshire?


Bloods 4 U provide blood testing in the privacy of your home, anywhere in Cambridgeshire. Our team can afford to take our time and really build confidence in our clients, making the whole process much less daunting and far quicker.


Our unique services offer time slots from early morning to late evening, offering you the utmost flexibility imaginable. Whether you prefer it before or after work, the choice is yours. This is a one-to-one service which is far more personalised than regular blood testing. Since it takes place at your home or workplace, we can also reduce the risk of infections. 


All our staff are highly skilled and understand how nerve wracking the process can be.


Your results will be treated with care and respect, and usually delivered within 24 hours. Our team can also provide urine tests if required.


For more about this service in Cambridgeshire, click here.

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