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Bloods 4 You want to make the process of having your Private Blood samples taken, the best, most painless and unique Blood Testing Service in the market place. 


From my own personal experiences of having to give Blood samples and finding un-acceptable waiting times, inefficient staff and general poor service, I founded Bloods 4 You.


We visit your home or your workplace to offer you a professional

1-2-1 service, with no time restrictions, as we understand completely every person is different, when having to have their Blood work carried out.


We have reduced the risk of infections, which we believe is very important, who wants to sit in a surgery with people that may have infectious viruses, and other airborne Issues.


You may be feeling very unwell, have mobility issues and not able to get to the surgery or simply do not have enough time in the day to attend an appointment. Bloods 4 You will come to you, on a date, time and location that is suits your busy schedules.


We provide our Services to The General Public, Private Clinics, Businesses, Healthcare Professionals, Supported Living and Independent living clients, Older people, Autistic Spectrum & Learning Disability clients.


We are skilled, caring and able to work with nervous patients, taking the time to make you feel as relaxed as possible, comfortable and assured that you are always in safe hands.


If you have already attended a medical appointment with your local GP or Consultant, and they have stated you require a Blood Test, you, the patients has the choice, to have your Private Blood Test completed by Bloods4you.

You can simply call Bloods 4 You to arrange a Private & Confidential date, time and location, that is suitable for you, fitting in around work, and other commitments you may have.

Your Private & Confidential Blood or Urine Test Samples, are processed & analysed within a Private UKAS Accredited Pathology Laboratory.


All Tests are Strictly Private & Confidential, Test Results turnaround time is very often within 24 hours, you the patient or your Medical Professional will receive theses back via Email.   


Here are a few more common tests we currently provide our services for:-


  • FBC  - £99.50                          

  • FBC/Biochemistry Profile - £146.50

  • FBC/Biochemistry/Thyroid Function FT4/FT3/TSH Profile & PSA Profile - £261.50

  • FBC/Biochemistry/Thyroid Function FT4/FT3/TSH Profile - £246.60

  • SARS -COV -2 Total Antibody Test (IgG,IgM,IgA) - £134.50

  • FBC/Biochemistry/PSA Profile - £205.50

  • AMH - £180.00

  • EPP Complete Blood Screening (IVS) - £253.00

  • TB Quantiferon Gold - £178.00

  • Thyroid Function FT4/FT3/TSH Profile - £145.50

  • Zika Virus - £192.00

  • CDT - Alcohol - £149.00

  • HEP A IgG/IgM - £105.00

  • HIV I & II Ab/p24 Ag Screen- £129.00

  • HEP B Ag- £105.00

  • Hep B Titre - £105.00

  • Hep C Antibody - 126.00

  • Lipid Profile - £126.50

  • D-Dimer - £152.50

  • HbA1C - £134.50

  • Vitamin D 25 OH - £133.00

  • Active Vitamin B12  - £137.50

  • Vitamin B12 & Folate - 128.00

  • Fertility Tests - hCG Beta , FSH, LH, TSH & more - £115.50 Each

  • Drug Screen - Chain of Custody - Urine - £153.80

  • Chlamydia & Gonorrhea - Urine - £155.80

  • Liver Function - £95.00

  • Blood Group - £88.50


Private Phlebotomy Services from £40.00.


We can take any Blood or Urine Test you require.

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