Could you have Coeliac Disease?

March 9, 2016

Coeliac disease is a lifelong autoimmune disease, cause by a reaction to gluten.

1 in 100 people have the condition, however only 24 % of people who have the condition have been diagnosed, which means there is over half a million people who have coeliac disease, but don’t know it yet!


People, who have symptoms suggestive of Coeliac disease, may have:-


Chronic Diarrhoea

Abdominal Pain/Bloating Tummy



Bone or Joint pain


A blood test will screen you for coeliac disease, to either rule out the diagnosis, or help diagnose it, along with a few other gluten sensitive conditions. Not all patients will have these symptoms, however screening can be done, if a family member/close relative has coeliac disease, around 10% of people who have a family member with the disease will develop it themselves.


The blood test detects autoantibodies that the body creates, as part of an immune response to dietary proteins, such as gluten, which is found in wheat, rye and barley.


To find out if you have Coeliac Disease or not, please telephone bloods4you today, or email your preferred date and time that suits your needs!


Bloods4you will take your blood in the comfort of your own home! All tests are Private and Confidential, you and you only will have the copy of your test results given back to you!


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