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January 6, 2020


Cholesterol is a substance that is essential for our life; it helps form membranes for cells in all organs and tissues in your body.


Cholesterol comes both from what you eat and from your body’s own production of cholesterol, which takes place in the liver.


When having a cholesterol blood test, the test measures Good cholesterol (HDL) removes excess cholesterol from tissues and carries it to the liver, for disposal and Bad cholesterol (Non – HDL) all non particles carry cholesterol from the liver and deposits it in the walls and arteries, which then can lead to cardiovascular disease, such as Heart attacks and Strokes.


Checking your cholesterol can tell you and your GP if you are at Risk of heart disease, before actually developing it! Then you can do something about it!


Cholesterol is commonly tested when you reach the age of 40; however you can be tested before this, it is important to keep your cholesterol under control. The risk factors for cardiovascular disease include:-

Family history – high cholesterol or heart diseases in close relatives

Being Overweight or Obese

High Blood Pressure

Diabetes Mellitus – levels of Glucose (sugar) in a person’s blood becomes too high

Smoking cigarettes


Having high cholesterol does increase your risk of a heart attack, the higher the cholesterol, the higher the risk. Cholesterol levels fluctuate over time, a single measurement of cholesterol, may not always reflect the usual level, for this reason it is advisable to have at least two different measurements several weeks, to several months apart, this would also allow you and your GP to determine whether dietary intervention has any impact on your own cholesterol level.  


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