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March 21, 2016

When you need to have a blood test, there are a few factors that can help you as the patient, and the Phlebotomist’s, (Alison & the team) before your procedure is carried out.


55 % of blood is comprised of plasma of which 92% is water Blood plasma, so in laymen terms, WATER is vital when having your bloods test, not only will this hydrate you, it will make the whole process better for us, when taking your blood. Even if you are having a fasting blood test, you can still have lots of water (no food I’m afraid) but it’s much better if you can drink water, before bed and then again in the morning, just before your blood test.


Water makes your veins in your arm, plumper and bouncy, which results in us feeling and locating your veins a lot easier! If you are de-hydrated when having a blood test, the process becomes a little difficult, your veins are harder to feel and located. At times, even when the located vein is chosen, your vein will collapse, at lot of the time. Also your veins can “roll”, which basically means, that once the needle is inserted into the vein, it moves! (Rolling side-side)


Another factor to consider, is to keep warm, wear a thick jumper, or even pop a hot water bottle on your forearm, also you can use a warm flannel on both arms, having a warm bath or shower also helps your veins come to the surface.


Lastly, when having a blood test, tell us which arm you prefer us to use, or if you have had difficulties in the past. It’s your arm at the end of the day and you know your own body!


Call bloods4you today, and have your blood tests done in the comfort of your own home!

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